HYOZAEMON supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted at the 2015 United Nations General Conference, and aims to take action rooted in the SDGs in various corporate activities.

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  • HYOZAEMON is a company registered as a Fukui SDGs Partner.

    Fukui SDGs Partner
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  • The Japan Noharm Association, an SDGs certified body, has approved the efforts of HYOZAEMON. This logo is proof of the certification.

Corporate Policy

Careful selection of materials to provide safe and secure products continuously.


  • We select only natural wood for our products and always use natural lacquer for the chopstick tips that enter the mouth. And we never use petroleum-based paint, which is said to affect the human body.

Development of products for a wide range of generations, with no gender or age difference.


  • We work on developing products that anyone can use, regardless of gender.
  • We will constantly develop products for children and older people to create an environment where they can enjoy eating their meals without other people’s assistance.

Projects in Corporate Activities

Kattobashi!! Project



  • Broken bats are usually discarded. We recycle them into chopsticks and cutlery. Furthermore, we spend a part of the proceeds from sales to plant aodamo (ash trees), used as bat material, thus protecting the forest environment.

Uncle Hashinaga Project



  • This project provides children in orphanages with free chopsticks that fit their hands. We will continue supporting the health of children all over Japan.

Chopsticks Education Class


  • We provide on-site lessons to elementary schools and lectures for companies. The participants’ practice in using chopsticks correctly and seeing chopstick-making experience will allow them to view food culture and manners.

Towards the Future of the Company

Protecting and sustaining cross-border chopstick culture


  • Aiming to register chopstick food culture as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, we cooperate with public and private experts from China and South Korea and conduct activities to protect and sustain cross-border culture.

About HYOZAEMON Chopsticks
Product Lineup

Kezuri Chopsticks

These chopsticks are in pursuit of the ultimate ease of holding and fitting into the hands of 99.9% of people.
The shape is hand-scraped to fit a wide variety of hands, and the natural luster of lacquer provides a feeling that you can’t let go of once you use them.
We provide 100% satisfaction to 99.9% of people.

Traditional Wakasa Lacquerware

In the Obama Domain (a Japanese historical feudal domain located in Wakasa Province), a lacquer painter got a hint from Chinese lacquerware, used chopsticks, and expressed a seabed state. In the latter half of the Edo period (1603-1868), as many as 200 kinds of painting methods, such as hakuoshi (foil stamping), togidashi (burnishing), raden (mother‐of‐pearl work), and makie (lacquer work), were completed.
We have arranged the traditional Wakasa lacquer to suit modern lifestyles and interiors.
Chopsticks made by applying multiple layers of lacquer and then carefully polished have a beautiful finish that can be a work of art.


A nacre gives off a mysterious luster inside the shell. The technique of fitting a plate-shaped material cut out from this part into a lacquered base is called Raden.
Embedding shells and drawing a beautiful seabed on chopsticks is a technique that demonstrates the true value of Wakasa’s artisanship.
Please enjoy Raden that suits your modern lifestyle.

Portable Chopsticks―Hashiro

These epoch-making chopsticks can be disassembled from the joints and carried around. They are the supreme gems that are carefully finished, one-by-one, by using carefully selected materials and combining the techniques of HYOZAEMON.
Please put them in a dedicated case to be always beside you.

Dishwasher-compatible Chopsticks

Most commercially available chopsticks compatible with dishwashers are finished with synthetic chemical paint up to the tip of the chopsticks, with consideration of boiling water resistance. With safety first in mind, HYOZAEMON’s dishwasher-compatible chopsticks are finished with additive-free lacquer that does not contain harmful substances, such as environmental hormones.

Non-coercive Correcting Chopsticks―Hashitsukai

The number of people who cannot hold chopsticks correctly is increasing rapidly. Hashitukai is a completely new type of correcting chopsticks we have developed so that anyone can easily and comfortably hold chopsticks. We have prepared four sizes for children and adults.

Children’s Chopsticks and Tableware

Do you want your children to use chopsticks and tableware made from safe, secure, and gentle materials? HYOZAEMON’s chopsticks and tableware are finished with natural materials in response to your desire. Please use them as items to see your children’s growth at the dining table, which is indispensable to your family time.

Special Paulownia Giftbox

Each HYOZAEMON gift set can connote your story in a paulownia box. There are designs in a wide variety that you can choose according to the occasion. Gift sets provided with chopstick rests will be pleasing presents.

Recycled from Broken Bats―Kattobashi!!

The Kattobashi!! Series of chopsticks are made from broken baseball bats. We produce this product series by recycling broken bats that have finished their role after being used in professional baseball teams, non-professional baseball teams, college baseball teams, etc.

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